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Digital Marketing is one of the most essential core of any successful business. While we break down digital marketing- ppc can’t be ignored. Most big brands make use of ppc mode of marketing to put their product or services in front of their targeted customers or clients. Making use of ppc marketing is very simple but can also be a daunting task if you don’t have the proper knowledge or understanding. This article aim to guide you to understand what ppc marketing are and how you can adopt it to improve your business or brand.

What is PPC Marketing?

The word Pay per click (PPC), is self-explanatory. It’s basically means you pay a certain amount of money only when your ads got clicked. In other words, your ads can be shown to thousands or millions of people for free but you pay anytime someone click on it.

Google ads is still the most widely use as pay per click marketing is concerned. It has proven to be the most effective to many business. The reason why it is effective is that most people go to google to search for something with the intention or aim to either buy or to know more information about the particular product or services. Either way your ads will most likely to convert, once you are providing quality service or product.

How does PPC work

Pay per click is a bidding system, which means you have the power to set how much you want to pay each time your ads get clicked. But you should have it in mind that the amount you are willing to pay directly has an effect on when and where your ads will show. Since it is a bidding system, your competitor might be willing to pay more money so as to kick your ass out but that doesn’t mean your ads will not show, but obviously it will not reach much people as your competitor.

There is quality score on the scale of 0-10 on Google ads to show you how relevant your ads is and how possible it is likely to perform. If you really care about your ads and business, it is very important to improve this score to get the desire result that you want. If the quality score is very low, your ads might not even show at all on the Google search engine and you don’t want to be in that kind of situation.

Importance of ppc marketing

Using organic way to send traffic to your business website is very cool and in-fact, is even important but always take much time and also require quiet a lot of work. PPC cost some money to run effectively but you will also see the result in no time. This form of ads is for all business owner either small or big company and with small budget, you can see positive results if done properly.

It helps to put your business in front of many people as quick as possible and also give you the opportunity to target the right audience at the same time.

You have the ultimate control over your ads and there are many options available to set up your ads to suit your goals. With Google ads ppc, you can track down and measure how well your ads are performing to make further decisions. It is also advise to make use of google analytics on your website to know where your traffic are coming from and also have a better idea of what people are doing on your website, which page they check most and the average time they spent on each particular page. All these important information helps in knowing your customers and what they like most about your business.


Google ads is not the only advertisement platform that provide pay per click. There are other numerous platforms, such as Facebook, bings, adroll, twitter and so on. But the most effective of all is Google ads. Lifetobrand can help to improve your brand by understanding your business and advertise it to the right audience. No matter what your budget is, we will make sure we deliver and your money converts.

Our digital marketing experts know how to handle your ppc ads to increase your sales. If you are interested in working with us you can contact us here.

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